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Workforce Management Services

We specialize in Staff Augmentation, Direct Hiring Programs, and Project Based Staffing.

If you're someone looking for a job, Veterans Sourcing Group is a professional recruiting and staffing firm providing civilians and Veterans as staff to companies throughout the US. Our team of Staffing Specialists start everyday working hard to make your future brighter. 

For over a decade, VSG has partnered with Fortune 500, mid-size, and start-up companies to scale their organizations to meet their business objectives. We are committed to providing top talent, and we have proven to be good at it.

Staffing Services


Staff Augmentation

Professional Services and Consulting – Veterans Sourcing Group can be engaged to provide individual professionals, teams of professionals, or a full workforce on a consulting or staffing basis. VSG will provide qualified Veterans that will remain in our employ and provisioned to you for the period of time you require. Each person staffed on your assignments will have to first pass a rigorous internal screening process and meet you specific need. At the Clients’ option, they can also screen our resources prior to placing the resource onto the client’s engagement. As required, Veterans Sourcing Group can provide qualified managers to assist its clients in meeting their goals.


Direct Hiring Programs

Exclusive Contingency Hiring Program – VSG will provide qualified applicant resources that meet your specific job requirements on a contingency fee assignment. No fee is charged until the client accepts the Veteran resource for employment and the new hire begins working for you. During the agreed upon time period of the contingency assignment, VSG’s experienced recruiters will work closely with your Talent Acquisition, Diversity and HR Departments to understand your specific needs and provide you with thoroughly screened, tested and fully qualified applicants to your standards. This program is available anywhere in the US for Technical and Non-Technical needs. 


Hybrid Combination Staffing Program

Consultant-To-Hire; Right-To-Hire Engagements
These types of programs are often referred to as a “Try Buy” program. The client elects to obtain staff on a Staff Augmentation program which stipulates a period of time when the client can approach the staff member to become their employee. Every person assigned to the client’s project is informed of this option and is hired by Veterans Sourcing Group at a salary level similar to the client’s pay scale so that compensation does not become an obstacle to converting the assigned staff member from VSG’s payroll to the clients’ employ. There is a conversion fee charged at time of conversion similar to an agency fee with the specific percentage reduced by the length of time on assignment prior to converting.

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