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Together Again

Customized Veteran Staffing Programs

Our customized “Veterans Sourcing Solutions” utilizes VSG’s strong ties and connection to the Military establishment with our experience in sourcing, selection, screening, training, mentoring, and placement. Our professionals will work closely with your management team to define a customized Veterans Access Program customized to meet your specific needs. Our Training professionals will develop the program necessary to bring the selected veterans resources that meet your specific requirement up to the skill and experience level necessary to be productive for you on Day One.


All of our Veterans Access Program offerings include maximizing government incentive programs – tax rebates; paid health benefits; relocation assistance; temporary housing; salary offsets – bundled specifically to off-set our cost and lower our rates to you. Our Veterans Access Program can be structured to enable your company either hire the Veterans directly or to be deployed on a consultant-to-hire basis or to be part of an outsourced delivery team or any combination that works best. 

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